Street photography Brno

What can just a short walk mean? If you are losing weight as me it can improve your health and lose some weight. However I do not like walking just for walking. If I walk I like to carry my camera and take pictures of what interests me most.

Old photos of Prygl – Brno reservoir

Old photos of Prygl – Brno reservoir I have found the following photos of Prygl or Brno reservoir accidentally, when working on my archives. Even though these photos are very old, I can see the place has not changed too much. There are still cruising small ships, there are pine trees, and if not too hot, clouds complete the scenery. Some tree were cut down, however, maple tree are still there. Will need to return to these places again.

Street photo Brno

Either waling on the street, sitting in the restaurant or waiting in front of a shop or just observe can lead to taking pictures. Few of these I took in the depicted situation and results are not so bad to my mind.

Janacek Theatre, Brno HDR night shot

Janacek Theatre, Brno HDR night shot this is one of my first attempts to take picture at night and as HDR. So I went to the water streams next to Janacek Theatre. To my surprise after 10 o’clock in the evening there were many people standing in the focus, so this set of pictures can also be considered as street photography.

A tree alley with the clay path and sloping trees

There are many interesting places in Brno. One of there is a beech tree alley. Hope it is beech, not linden. To be honest I do not remember it.  Here in this place is much more important sloping shape of those trees and a clay path leading beneath. As few pictures show this alley is also popular for people.

Spilberk Castle and Petrov at night

One late evening I went out to Spilberk castle and was amazed by numerous shadows, corners and shapes. One of the most interesting views was on the stony path with tree alley above to the castle gate at night alighted by lanterns. Even though I have used tripod I was not able to take sharp pictures of people passing by. They are little bit blurry. At least movement is emphasized. Turning backwards I have discovered another nice view.

Veveri Castle

Is an originally ducal and royal castle some 12 kilometres northwest of Brno city centre. To be honest this is one of the nearest castles to visit from Brno as also public transport passes by.  I do not want to write about the history but it is necessary to point out that the castle is or was rebuilt, I mean reconstructed after it was destructively used by the socialistic - communist regime.

Zoo Brno – one of the first visits

Visiting Zoo in Brno was very interesting experience. I found too many objects to take a picture and places I have never seen before Apart from animals there were numerous stalls with food and with souvenirs than in any other Zoo I visited before. At some occasions it took me some effort to find animals I wanted to see.

Evening Spilberk Castle in Brno with a tree and Red Church

Evening Spilberk Castle in Brno with and view at Red Church and busy Evening Street taking with slow shutter speed. This is my favourite late evening panorama view of Spilberk Castle in Brno with a tree branch in one corner and dark clouds in another one. City light circle the alley to the castle and the light also brighten the castle itself. Wen taking these pictures I took also picture of the street leading to the Red Church.