About us

WonderfulSnaps.com is more or less a testing web page based on CMS. Currently, this version is already a “second” generation of the original web page based on Drupal but x- version of the intended project at all.  The previous version to this one was built and running on Drupal 7.  However, the enormous size of photos and multiple illegal downloads forced the designer to re-think about the output of the photography presented, think of the size, screen sharpening, possibility for reasonable uploading on alternative media to the traditional PC, etc.

WonderfulSnaps.com should primarily remain web page about feelings, communication and its transformation from author or authors to the audience and vice versa via communication in different channels (social media, voting and photo stock, etc.). Finally, WonderfulSnaps.com is generally a collection of photo galleries that can be freely downloaded for limited personal usage, with some personal comments.

It is obvious that not all the photos are of the best quality or may not catch the core idea, from the point of view of the third party observers, however, galleries in WonderfulSnaps.com attempt to transmit the feeling emanating from the observation the object observed and captured by the static ‘eye’-lens of the camera.

Author hopes, that the degree of transmission of feelings will graduate as he would improve his art in taking and making photos and improves his own feelings and perception of the outside world.