street photo

Marianske Lazne – street photo

This year for the first time I have visited Marianske Lazne again and maybe one more visit will follow. The following pictures were taken when wandering on the streets of this small spa town. Most of the sights were presented in the previous photo galleries. This time I have aimed at street photo, trying to catch people walking through the park when returning home from work.

Street photo Brno

Either waling on the street, sitting in the restaurant or waiting in front of a shop or just observe can lead to taking pictures. Few of these I took in the depicted situation and results are not so bad to my mind.

Photos from the street

I think it's called street photo in English. Simply take a picture of an unknown person on the street so that the composition, light, sharpness, etc. they were worth something.

Street photo

Women walking on the street, one of my first attempts of street photography. Most of the time I was not brave enough to approach them closer and shoot frontal pictures. Just a first attempt.