Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Brno

I am passing by this city dominant almost daily, however, only recently I found the right angle to take a photo of its full beauty without tram wires, except the road signs and other distractions. Apart from these great shots I was passing by again at night and took few more pictures. Thus comparison among different light levels can be done.

Spilberk Castle and Petrov at night

One late evening I went out to Spilberk castle and was amazed by numerous shadows, corners and shapes. One of the most interesting views was on the stony path with tree alley above to the castle gate at night alighted by lanterns. Even though I have used tripod I was not able to take sharp pictures of people passing by. They are little bit blurry. At least movement is emphasized. Turning backwards I have discovered another nice view.

Night picture of Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Brno

I do really like night view of this cathedral. And was trying to get beautiful night picture. To take such a photo you need appropriate angle, no tram wires, no cars, etc. and deep dark night. Recently I met all these conditions and took such a picture. Even though I set my camera in wrong way, I mean low aperture, high ISO, finally I got few pictures that can be published.