Mobility transmitter in the field

Few years ago there was not nothing like mobile phone or mobility transmitters. When I was young there used to be only TV and radio transmitters usually protected by high fence and some guards. Nowadays, as the technology develops transmitters, those for mobile phones can be observed almost everywhere. These are much smaller and much more to get closer. There are few transmitters in the area I live.

Field with ears of wheat in detail

Field with ears of wheat and field with ears of wheat in detail. In the middle of summer, it is interesting to go for a walk in the field where wheat grows and observe the ears as they are developed, both as a whole and in detail. This weekend I took a health walk in one field and watched the ears of wheat grow. Really interesting spectacle. But also a walk.

Sunflowers in the field late summer

By passing a field of sunflowers every day once I have decided to stop and take few pictures of those sunflowers in the field late summer. Sunflowers are flowers, however, except for this sunflowers are source of great food for bees, insects and other small creatures. So when taking pictures I also pictured some of these flying bees and some bumblebees.

Cornfield after the harvest

Late summer means harvest. As soon as fields are harvested, there remain large spaces full of lines, patters, colours. So why not to stop by and take few pictures of it in contrast with the sky and or clouds.

Morning field and sky

Morning field and sky is again one of the few older shots made almost five years ago and never being published. The first picture of this collection ‘Morning field and sky’ is a field behind my house was taken at the dawn, when the Sun was going up from behind the hill. The other pictures are also taken the field, however, not so early in the morning trying to view the lines in the each picture, either high voltage electric wires or lanes for cyclists.