Pernstej castle, view from the garden

I have visited Pernstejn castle many times, but I never visited its garden. To be honest, I'm not sure why. Maybe the entrance to this garden is a little bit hidden and away from the main tourist routes. This time, however, the reason for my visit was to see this garden. After paying a small entrance fee, I was asked to go to the third square and then go down the stairs. I could have chosen to enter the garden on both sides, left and right.

Mikulov Castle

Mikulov is a town on the way to Austria. And anybody travelling from Brno to Vienna have to pass it. City is not very big, but it is famous for its wine, brothels and a castle. The Mikulov castle cannot be overlooked and many people passing through this town come and visit it.
One day I did the same, parked the car in the centre and went up a small hill to visit the castle. As a building it is nothing exceptional, however garden is beautiful similarly as views from around the castle.

Milotice Chateau exteriors

Milotice Chateau is a Baroque chateau located in the village of Milotice in the Hodonín district. It is one of the most uniquely preserved complexes of buildings and garden architecture from the Baroque period. In this case I have not visited interiors, however, enjoyed its garden and overall view.

Moravský Krumlov Castle garden and trees

Moravský Krumlov is a town in the Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. To be honest I knew about it due to famous Alfons Mucha and the Slavonic Epic - Boundless Humanity masterpiece, before it was moved to Prague. One day, it was hot summer, I think I visited Moravský Krumlov for the first time. Unfortunately, that day all was closed I could have visited only limited parts of premises.