Holedna park

Imagine Fallow-deer watching you fem metres from the Sunbeams passing through the trees, Cut tree branches and lying trunks in the forest. All this you can enjoy, if visiting Holedna Park in Brno. If you need to relax, where would you go to? Probably to a quiet place. If I want to relax I prefer walking in the woods, forest, and breathe fresh air trying to avoid any living humans.

Lednice castle and the park

Very often this particular historical landmark is called Lednice Castle. Basically both names depict one and the same and surroundings. Lednice castle is part of the whole complex of historical landmarks. This complex is well known as Lednice-Valtice area and is heavily visited by tourist from all over the world, not only Czech Republic, Moravia or Slovakia. I do not want to write anything about this chateau or castle and the whole Lednice-Valtice area. Anyone who is interested can find plenty of information from historians or others.

Walking around in Olomouc

Olomouc I very nice city. Not so big, not so small and there are number of places that can be visited. When I bought my new Pentax K-3 back in 2014, this city was one of the firsts to walk around and take few pictures.

Luzanky Park

There is a park in Brno city centre and is called Luzanky. There are plenty of benches to sit on and rst or just observe dogs to be walked all around. Sitting on the grass can be little bit dangerous due to that dogs and possibility to step into some excrements.  It is much pleasant and safer to walk around on tiny lanes. If there are not many people and dogs it is pleasant place to spend few moments in here.

Tree alley in the park and narrow lane

There are many parks around the world and also many parks in Brno. I have found out this small one by a chance. There is some narrow lane in the middle and tree alley above it. All around theses piece of green are roads and parking places. To my surprise, not much people were there and it allowed to take some pictures.