street photo

Central Vienna, Hofburg, Austria, street photo

During my short trip to Austria's capital, Vienna, I had the opportunity to visit the central part of the city and capture some street photographs. My initial plan was to photograph the historic buildings and monuments, but due to the heavy crowds and cars parked in every free space, I had to rethink my approach. I decided to turn my lens towards the people bustling around me, capturing their daily lives in the city.

Street photo in Brno

Capturing street photographs can be a thrilling and challenging experience for any photographer. It requires an ability to quickly observe and react to the surrounding environment while maintaining a sense of creativity and composition.

One such attempt at street photography was made in Brno, where a woman was captured walking down the street. Although it was one of the first attempts, the photo successfully conveys the energy and movement of the city.

Marianske Lazne – street photo

This year marked my return to Marianske Lazne, a charming spa town, with the possibility of yet another visit on the horizon. As I strolled through the streets of this quaint destination, I aimed my lens at capturing the essence of daily life—a venture into street photography. My focus shifted towards observing people returning home from work, creating a series of candid moments that encapsulate the rhythm of this small spa town.

Street photo, people in action

Embarking on a spontaneous diversion from my original plan to visit the Olomouc Zoo, I found myself in the heart of the bustling city. The initial hesitation, prompted by the sea of people flooding towards the zoo, gave way to a decision to explore the lively streets of Olomouc instead.