The Rosa Coeli Convent interiors

The Rosa Coeli Convent, located on the eastern edge of Dolní Kounice, is a historical gem that is often overlooked. The ruins of the Premonstratensian monastery, including the church and a Baroque residence, are protected as a cultural monument. Despite its historical significance, many people are unaware of its existence.

According to historical records, the convent was likely burned down during the Hussite wars in 1423. Over the next century, the monastery's economic situation improved, and by the early 16th century, the provost of Kounice was one of the most important Moravian prelates. However, the following years saw the Kounice convent fall into crisis.

Despite the tumultuous history of the convent, the ruins have been reconstructed since 2012. The grounds are now open to visitors, allowing them to explore the ruins and experience the site's unique atmosphere firsthand.

Photos of the Rosa Coeli Convent do not do justice to the feelings that one experiences when walking through the grounds. The silence and stillness that pervade the air are remarkable, transporting visitors to another time and place. The intricate details of the Baroque architecture and the remnants of the once-grand church offer glimpses into the past that cannot be conveyed through words alone.

Overall, the Rosa Coeli Convent is a must-see for anyone interested in history, architecture, or simply seeking a peaceful and reflective setting. The unique atmosphere of the site is something that cannot be captured through photographs or descriptions - it must be experienced in person.