Nymburk – stone bridge

Nymburk is a picturesque city located in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, known for its numerous bridges and historical landmarks. One of the most notable of these landmarks is the stone bridge, which spans the Labe River and connects the old town with the new town.

Despite the rain and the heavy clouds that hung over the city, the author decided to take a chance and drive to Nymburk to see the famous stone bridge for themselves. Upon arriving, they were initially disappointed with the lack of light and dreary weather, but after stopping for a cup of coffee at a nearby café, the weather began to improve slightly.

After finishing their coffee, the author made their way to the nearby park to explore the stone bridge and other historical sites. The stone bridge, with its elegant arches and sturdy construction, was an impressive sight to behold. The author took a few pictures and then continued their exploration of the park.

In addition to the stone bridge, the author also discovered a historic water power plant nearby. Although the entrance was forbidden due to ongoing reconstruction, the author made a mental note to return to Nymburk in the future to explore the power plant in more detail.

For now, the author contented themselves with exploring the city's other historical landmarks, including a nearby church and the remaining portions of the city's stone walls. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, the author was glad that they had taken a chance and visited Nymburk to see its famous stone bridge and other sites.