Cesky Rudolec (chateau)

Cesky Rudolec chateau is called Mala Hluboka. It is situated by the road No. 409 in the south-eastern corner of Cesky Rudolec village near Dacice in Ceska Kanada Nature Park. 

Mikulov Castle

Nestled along the route from Brno to Vienna, the town of Mikulov beckons travelers with its unique blend of history, wine culture, and a commanding castle that stands as a sentinel on the landscape. While not a sprawling metropolis, Mikulov's charm lies in its reputation for wine, historical intrigue, and, to some extent, its association with the past.

Jaromerice nad Rokytnou – chateau

Embarking on my journey to explore the scenic landscapes of the country, this summer led me to the picturesque village of Jaromerice nad Rokytnou, home to the captivating Jaromerice Chateau. While my knowledge of castles might be limited, I discovered that this Renaissance manor is heralded as one of the region's most popular historical landmarks.

Cimburk Castle

The allure of ruined castles lies in their enigmatic charm, evoking a profound sense of history as you pass by their weathered walls. Cimburk, one such ancient stronghold, stands as a poignant testament to the passage of time. Located amidst the serenity of the forest, reaching its premises requires a deliberate investment of time and effort, setting the stage for a journey into the heart of antiquity.

Windows 3.0 / Tiled wooden window on an old building

While passing an aged house, the allure of a particular window captured my attention, prompting an irresistible urge to immortalize the moment through my lens. Initially, I confined my focus to just three frames, whimsically contemplating a gallery entitled "Windows 3.0." However, succumbing to the artistic impulse, I later extended my lens for a fourth and final shot.

Svojanov Castle

Svojanov Castle, enveloped in a tapestry of superlatives, drew me in with tales of its historical grandeur. The journey to reach this castle unfolded through picturesque landscapes, painting a scenic route that heightened my anticipation. However, upon reaching the castle, my expectations encountered a modest reality that left me with a nuanced sentiment.

Visit in Trebon

Indeed, the magic of certain places lies in the uncanny ability to feel both completely new and comfortably familiar at the same time. Trebon, with its charming lanes, tranquil waters, and captivating architecture, bestowed upon me a sense of arriving at a place for the first time and, paradoxically, feeling as if I had lived there for years.

Klatovy's favorite places and the evangelical church

The allure of one's native town lies in the threads of memories woven into its streets and landmarks. For me, Klatovy's Black Tower holds a special place, a timeless structure that echoes with the laughter and adventures of my childhood. A stroll around this historic tower is more than a simple walk; it's a journey back in time, tracing the footprints of a younger version of myself.

Marianske Lazne, Spa in the autumn

On my second visit to Marianske Lazne this year, I opted for a different experience, immersing myself in the autumnal charm of this renowned spa town. Choosing accommodation in a new part of the city, I found myself residing in the quintessential spa center of Marianske Lazne. My lodgings were in close proximity to the famed colonnade with Ferdinand's Spring and Rudolf's Spring, a hidden gem I had not encountered in my previous visits.

Austerlitz Chateau, Slavkov u Brna

Nestled in Slavkov u Brna, the Baroque palace holds a rich tapestry of history that traces its roots back to the 13th century when it served as a command center for the Teutonic Knights. Over the centuries, its architectural evolution is evident, with the culmination being a Renaissance chateau constructed at the end of the 16th century. This chateau boasted a four-winged floor plan adorned with arcades, complemented by a prismatic tower, all built upon the foundations of its storied past (Source: Wikipedia).