Pentax HD Pentax DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited Lens

Recently I have decided to buy a wide-angle lens in order to improve my landscape pictures, some architecture and street pictures. For as much I own Pentax cameras with K bayonets, first, I was trying to make decisions between zoom lens Sigma 6-18 and Pentax12-24. In the end, I have decided to buy a fixed focus lens (anyway I do own only one prime lens by now) for my APS-C camera as some kind of compromise because I know that next year full-frame Pentax camera should be introduced.

Was it a good choice to buy black DA 15 mm fixed focal lens? In my opinion yes. Even if, I am not used to writing technical reviews, I have to admit, that my package with lens extremely satisfied me. The box consisted of the lens itself, leather bag and the documents. Back to the lens is made of aluminium and is really precise. On the lens is a screwing cap. It is visible on the picture on the left. Before I bought the lens I ordered a “snap” cap for the lens. It can be visible on the lens. What really surprised me was a kind of hood for protection of a straight light or scratching. The hood is built in the lens and before using it should be carefully pulled out, and after shooting pulled down. There can be screw filters of diameter 49 mm, however, I have not tried it yet. What I tried is autofocus and manual focus, both works pretty fine. Autofocus is quite quick, even though the lens seems to be a bit noisy to me.

It is said, that this lens is high-grade multi-layer and it should minimize lens flare. How much it is true you can check in my sample photos, however, I think all is a matter of art and skills not lens only.

Am I satisfied with Pentax HD Pentax DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited Lens in black version? I would say yes I make a huge difference to what I was using up to now. Even though 15 mm at APS-C is equivalent to 21-23 mm considering my Pentax K3 I am very satisfied. Anyway, apart from this satisfaction I do expect full-frame and new possibilities.