Nove Hrady castle

Exploring castles is a favourite pastime for many people, and the author of this text is no exception. Their latest weekend trip took them to the Pardubice Region of Eastern Bohemia, where they visited the castle of Nove Hrady.

The author had high expectations for this castle, having read that it was supposed to remind visitors of the grandeur of the Austrian Schönbrunn. However, upon arrival, they quickly realized that Nove Hrady was much smaller than they had anticipated. While the castle's architecture and shapes may have a remote resemblance to Schönbrunn, the comparison ends there.

Despite its smaller size, the castle's gardens were still beautiful and the author enjoyed a pleasant half-hour stroll through them. The castle is located in the same-named village, which adds to its charm and allure.

While the author may have expected a bit more from Nove Hrady, they still found it to be a beautiful and enjoyable destination for a weekend trip. The castle's smaller size may have been a surprise, but the gardens and village atmosphere were still able to provide a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Overall, exploring castles like Nove Hrady can be a great way to discover new places and enjoy a glimpse into the past. While not every castle may live up to expectations, each one offers its own unique charm and character that can be appreciated in its own way.