Old quarry

There are some quarries nearby Brno. Some of them are still active, some of them not. Abandoned quarries are great place to observe how nature spreads and takes used areas back. What I really like when visiting old abandoned quarry is a system of paths from top to bottom, creating interesting patters and structures to check in more details.

Walk in the nature

As autumn is here I like walking in the nature, observing and taking picture. This time my walk in the nature was different. Originally I wanted to take some pictures of animals I pass by or some plants. In the end I walked on the public forest path and met too many people doing some sports. They were either running, jogging or riding bicycle.

Nature walk Hady

One day I went out to the nature, just to have some walk. However, sun was shining, nobody nowhere and I started to pleasure of the scenery, tall trees, curvy lanes, great overview on the city and finally found fleeing snail across the forest road. As I was watching the snail with interest it seemed to me he was fleeing so fast that it was really difficult to take a shot of his face.

Searching motives

It happens from time to time, that photographer loses motivation in creativity and has no idea what or who to shoot. Sometimes, just going out for hunting is a good method, in my opinion, to train creativity and find some motives that can be processed later on. Nature offers a number of motives, but going too far is not sometimes efficient.