Exhibition of orchids in Vienna

Recently I have visited ‘exhibition of orchids in Vienna’ by its own name ‘Orchideenausstellung’. To be honest it was not exhibition of orchids only, but normal fair of the plants, flowers, gardening. Everyone who like flowers, gardening could spend time in there watching talking and exchanging ideas. I as photographer have met few keen gardeners taking photos and vice versa.

Central Vienna, Hofburg, Austria, street photo 2020

Short trip to Orchid exhibition in Austria Vienna ended up visiting Central Vienna, the tourist centre, where all people go as soon as they are here. Originally, I intended some pictures of the historic buildings and monuments, however as there were so many people crowded all around and cars standing in any free place, I decided to take some pictures of people roaming in front of me.

Vienna street photo

A short trip to Vienna – people. Visiting the old city centre of Vienna is not only impressive by its architecture but also by the number of people in the streets and also horses with coaches. Comparing this place to Prague I would say there is more people, more tourists and more attractions generally offered by people as you are passing from the border of Vienna to its centre.

Vienna Architecture

A short trip to Vienna – architecture. Arriving in Vienna, Austria we got out at the Maria Theresa Monument and there were two extremely nice buildings, museums one as another.