I have read many suggestions to visit this town. And one day I decided to travel there to see if all those suggestions are eligible. Before travelling I found this basic. “Telc is a town in the southern Czech Republic. It’s known for its Italian Renaissance architecture including the chateau, formerly a Gothic castle, with carved wood ceilings. The Highlands Museum includes a model of the city.

Bukovany wind mill and orchard with field

What to do in quarantine? Just go somewhere outside of civilization. Today it was the direction of Bukovany and wind mill that can be seen there. Unfortunately that day I was not the only one who wanted to see interesting piece of architecture, so I just took few landscape picture and moved few kilometre away to take a few more pictures of landscapes.

Marianske Lazne, Spa

A few weeks ago, I finally chose a vacation and could go to relax a bit. This time the choice fell on Mariánské Lázně and Park Hotel Golf. Although the weather did not indicate any extra outdoor activities and nature walks, I did not mind how much the ordered procedures and the possibilities of the hotel offered a sufficient number of activities and distractions.

Pernstejn Castle

Pernstejn Castle is a castle on a rock above the village of Nedvědice and the rivers Svratka and Nedvědička, some 40 kilometres northwest of Brno, in the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic. Pernstejn came to be known as the marble castle because of the marble-like stone used to frame the doors and windows.

Veveri Castle

Is an originally ducal and royal castle some 12 kilometres northwest of Brno city centre. To be honest this is one of the nearest castles to visit from Brno as also public transport passes by.  I do not want to write about the history but it is necessary to point out that the castle is or was rebuilt, I mean reconstructed after it was destructively used by the socialistic - communist regime.

Vienna Architecture

A short trip to Vienna – architecture. Arriving in Vienna, Austria we got out at the Maria Theresa Monument and there were two extremely nice buildings, museums one as another.

Klatovy Black Tower - rear view

Anyone who visits Klatovy a South Western situated city in the Czech Republic, by the way, my native city, know it’s dominant called Black Tower, placed in the top corner of ‘Namesti Miru’ or Square of the Peace. Some people also know about Catacombs. However, if I ask do you know more about this city, none of the visitors can say a word.