Cesky Rudolec (chateau)

Cesky Rudolec chateau is called Mala Hluboka. It is situated by the road No. 409 in the south-eastern corner of Cesky Rudolec village near Dacice in Ceska Kanada Nature Park.

Milotice Chateau exteriors

Milotice Chateau is a Baroque chateau located in the village of Milotice in the Hodonín district. It is one of the most uniquely preserved complexes of buildings and garden architecture from the Baroque period. In this case I have not visited interiors, however, enjoyed its garden and overall view.

Radun chateau

Recently I went out for a trip and decided to visit Radun chateau. To be honest I have never heard of it, however, having seen few pictures I drove 160 km to visit it and took few pictures. Unfortunately I was not lucky that day as I forgot spare battery for camera in the power at home. Thus few following pictures were taken with dying battery and no visit of interior was made.

Lednice castle and the park

Very often this particular historical landmark is called Lednice Castle. Basically both names depict one and the same and surroundings. Lednice castle is part of the whole complex of historical landmarks. This complex is well known as Lednice-Valtice area and is heavily visited by tourist from all over the world, not only Czech Republic, Moravia or Slovakia. I do not want to write anything about this chateau or castle and the whole Lednice-Valtice area. Anyone who is interested can find plenty of information from historians or others.

Jaromerice nad Rokytnou – chateau

Jaromerice nad Rokytnou – chateau. I like travelling around the country visiting and watching sigh seen. This Summer I also visited chateau or castle Jaromerice in the same-named village Jaromerice nad Rokytnou. To be honest I do not know too much about castles but in this case, I have learnt it ranks among the most popular historical landmarks in the region.