Transmitter Hady from the road

Anytime I drive home I can see one of the Brno landmarks, transmitter Hady. So once when not in a rush I have decided to stop by the road and take few shots with telephoto lens. I was very surprised that there are people visible how they sport walk etc. Never realised so much can b see from the main road.

Old photos of Prygl – Brno reservoir

I have found the following photos of Prygl or Brno reservoir accidentally, when working on my archives. Even though these photos are very old, I can see the place has not changed too much. There are still cruising small ships, there are pine trees, and if not too hot, clouds complete the scenery. Some tree were cut down, however, maple tree are still there. Will need to return to these places again.

Tree alley in the park and narrow lane

There are many parks around the world and also many parks in Brno. I have found out this small one by a chance. There is some narrow lane in the middle and tree alley above it. All around theses piece of green are roads and parking places. To my surprise, not much people were there and it allowed to take some pictures.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

I do really like night view of this cathedral. To take such a photo you need an appropriate angle, no tram wires, no cars, etc.  Everyone tries to take a picture from the front, however, it can be either difficult or almost impossible. If I pass the cathedral and continue to the Spielberg Castle there are better opportunities to take better pictures, of course, rearview. In the end, they are attractive to me as well.

Tree trunk

The tree trunk lying in the city park is an excellent object to take photos as well as the wooden bridge standing nearby.

Marian Valley

Is a large area located on the eastern outskirts of Brno, near the district Brno - Líšeň. It is a part of the Říčky valley, which stretches from the cottage settlements Lhotka up to the village Podolí.

Belfry on the Hill

There is one of many places on hills near Brno, wherefrom there can be seen beautiful landscapes of the villages, fields and anything else. One of these places is Belfry. It is small marvellous belfry on the hill surrounded by trees, people like to organize weddings here as well. Really nice place to visit.