Blackbirds are almost everywhere. They often come to my garden, make some mess, fly to and fro. Just recently there was one, sitting as usual on a wooden fence, watching into my windows and observing life around. Next day there was snowing heavily. None of these black creatures could be seen. However wen returning from a local shop I found plenty of blackbirds nest close to the pavement hiding in front of that snow.

Snowy road with trees

Imagine returning home from somewhere in the land of nowhere. All around is just roads or lanes with alley of tree. Nothing to add.

Tree trunk by the lake

Tree trunk by the lake and a tree trunk cowered by snow by the lake are photos taken during two the weekends on the Brno reservoir. The very first one can be called test picture as it was taken without tripod and no filter. The next ones were stabilised and taken by gradient ND filter and ND filter. I like all versions, but the best seems to be black and white.