Ophelia - Bryony Lavery

Ophelia is a comedy or a parody on tragedy in which the main character had incestuous relationship with her own brother and aches for revenge similarly as her own mother who tries and finally drowns her because she cannot bear the shame of her son. There is also included “play in the play” effect that creates quite tragicomic situation in the end and supports reader to think about results of forbidden sex relation from “another point of view” of Ophelia alone, its consequences for the child etc. Easily said the death is not solution.

Genre: comedy


Lamb to the slaughter - Roald Dahl

Genre – short story, full of situational and dramatic irony. In my opinion, it is on one hand dramatic and on the other comical.


Mary Maloney – round character, protagonist – the wife of detective. Although we do not know very much about her we can deduct enough about her previous style of life from the short setting. This would also foretell something about her unpredictable behaviour, which could occur in unforeseen situations.