UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, experience of a former client

Just recently, I have been dealing with some complaints concerning UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, and someone asked me on opinion on the employees, system, and general satisfaction. Here are few notes or comments on this topic.

Kick off all the employees of UCB and merge this retarded bank with some another, normal one!!! UCB, I mean Unicredit Bank, is kind of silly or better say insane bank. Any document you sign in here does not apply to the needs you signed it for.

E. g. I have signed, to be honest forced to sign bank teller some specific documents, to prove the cancellation of all the bank and other accounts on 25.02.2020, at the same time provided bank account number where to credit any balances, surpluses etc. If I had not insisted on signing such a document I would have no evidence and be in much bigger troubles I was or am now.

And what the bank UCB and their employees do instead of working with clients documents internally? They send out SMS by SMS asking me to come to the branch to confirm my identity, even though it was confirmed when all accounts were cancelled. Then they are requiring to call hot line to tell what bank account number to transfer some insurance surpluses. Crazy, this bank has all information needed just bother bully former clients instead of doing precise finance job.

At this moment, the funniest thing is, the bank account was already given, but lazy retarded employees are not able to read information and use it.

And when you call provided number they want you to visit branch personally. Yes, personally in the 21st century to confirm or provide information the bank has already had.

Imagine what this retarted bank would do if I had not insisted on signed all the previous documents proving I provided all needed information 2 months ago. Hell gain, why, in the 21st century on condition the bank already has all the information needed I should, go and visit any branch personally. Moreover, SMS, stated call. This means information provided by the bank is not valid and this repeats in UCB all the time from establishing my bank account until its cancellation.

At the moment I know UCB owes me money and does not pay any interest. If someone has the same story let me know, my lawyer has already to start working on their impudence.

How can I recommend this bank I can only recommend to avoid this bank as Trump avoided Brno.