Street photo, people in action

Street photo, people in action Originally I wanted to visit Zoo in Olomouc, however, when I glanced those crowds flooding to the Zoo and overcrowded car park, I decided to visit the city. When arriving to the Olomouc city centre I was not completely convinced it was good idea either. People everywhere, cueing, in the crowds etc. After a half an hour drive when I found free place to stay, I approached the centre.

Photos from the street

I think it's called street photo in English. Simply take a picture of an unknown person on the street so that the composition, light, sharpness, etc. they were worth something.

Central Vienna, Hofburg, Austria, street photo 2020

Short trip to Orchid exhibition in Austria Vienna ended up visiting Central Vienna, the tourist centre, where all people go as soon as they are here. Originally, I intended some pictures of the historic buildings and monuments, however as there were so many people crowded all around and cars standing in any free place, I decided to take some pictures of people roaming in front of me.

Photo shooting of a model

If there are correct conditions for taking photos it is always a pleasure to press the shutter. From time to time I meet a beautiful model that is willing to pose.