Full moon - hand held

I got up this morning and went to work from home. Since I get up quite late, I managed to catch a full moon over the house. What now? There is no time for a tripod, I have to be online in 10 minutes. So I take a camera and just try something out of my hand. Normally I would say that what I'm doing is a pigsty, but the result on the values for APS-C, 300 mm, ISO 100, f / 9.0, 1/640 sec, are not so bad.

Morning sky

Morning sky and jets from the aircraft on the empty sky. Basically all photos are the same, but I like them very much

Moon over the trees

I like watching moon on the clear sky. This time I was watching it from my terrace, however, there were crescent shines on the cloudy sky with some visible glare around. Even though there were not ideal visible conditions I took some pictures with trees in the foreground.

Crane over the block of flats

Some building company uses high crane to maintain and build factory. From the distance, it seems as the crane was the dominant of the valley spreading above the houses and block of flats.

Morning field and sky

Morning field and sky is again one of the few older shots made almost five years ago and never being published. The first picture of this collection ‘Morning field and sky’ is a field behind my house was taken at the dawn, when the Sun was going up from behind the hill. The other pictures are also taken the field, however, not so early in the morning trying to view the lines in the each picture, either high voltage electric wires or lanes for cyclists.

Klatovy Black Tower - rear view

Anyone who visits Klatovy a South Western situated city in the Czech Republic, by the way, my native city, know it’s dominant called Black Tower, placed in the top corner of ‘Namesti Miru’ or Square of the Peace. Some people also know about Catacombs. However, if I ask do you know more about this city, none of the visitors can say a word.