Exhibition of orchids in Vienna

I recently visited the "Orchideenausstellung" in Vienna, an exhibition showcasing a wide variety of plants, flowers and gardening equipment. Although it was advertised as an orchid exhibition, I was pleasantly surprised to find a range of other plants and flowers on display, making it a true celebration of horticulture.

Central Vienna, Hofburg, Austria, street photo

During my short trip to Austria's capital, Vienna, I had the opportunity to visit the central part of the city and capture some street photographs. My initial plan was to photograph the historic buildings and monuments, but due to the heavy crowds and cars parked in every free space, I had to rethink my approach. I decided to turn my lens towards the people bustling around me, capturing their daily lives in the city.

Vienna architecture

A brief visit to Vienna – exploring its architectural wonders. Upon our arrival in Vienna, Austria, we disembarked near the impressive Maria Theresa Monument, flanked by two splendid museums. One of these treasures was the Historical Museum of Applied Arts, a grand edifice with intricately crafted details that left a lasting impression.