Holedna park

Imagine Fallow-deer watching you fem metres from the Sunbeams passing through the trees, Cut tree branches and lying trunks in the forest. All this you can enjoy, if visiting Holedna Park in Brno. If you need to relax, where would you go to? Probably to a quiet place. If I want to relax I prefer walking in the woods, forest, and breathe fresh air trying to avoid any living humans.

Tree trunk in the park

The tree trunk lying in the city park is an excellent object to take photos as well as the wooden bridge standing nearby.

Tree alley in the park and narrow lane

There are many parks around the world and also many parks in Brno. I have found out this small one by a chance. There is some narrow lane in the middle and tree alley above it. All around theses piece of green are roads and parking places. To my surprise, not much people were there and it allowed to take some pictures.