Trip to Prague – Vysehrad

From time to time it is good idea to visit the Capital as there are many opportunities to take pictures. When I was invited to Prague by a friend of mine I was glad to arrive. She wanted to talk about something and show me some favourite places of hers. Prague is pretty huge and even though I lived more than five years in here I was surprised where we would go.  Finally, she took me to see Vyšehrad, cemetery and many other places near around. To be hones I have ever though visiting cemetery would be so interesting. Except for us many of other people were there watching and walking in the narrow lanes. I was able to find graves of famous people, actors, actresses, politicians etc. Strange feeling. Then we walked all over the Vyšehrad, its high and long stone walls. Finally we visited one on many restaurants with the view over Vltava and had good meal and drink. Excellent trip.