Pernstej castle, view from the garden

Pernstejn castle is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture located in the Czech Republic. The castle has attracted many visitors over the years, drawn by its rich history and stunning architecture. However, despite visiting the castle numerous times, the author had never taken the time to explore its garden until their most recent visit.

After paying a small entrance fee, the author was directed to the garden entrance located away from the main tourist routes. They were instructed to go to the third square and then descend a set of stairs. Upon reaching the garden, the author was struck by its sheer size and beauty.

The garden was divided into two parts, and the author chose to explore the right side first. The garden was lined with long cascading rows of trees, which created a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Despite the overgrown treetops partially obscuring the view of the castle, the author was still able to appreciate the stunning scenery.

As they explored the garden, the author took several photos of their favourite views. Although the castle was not as prominent in the photos as they had hoped, the author was still pleased with the results. They particularly enjoyed the way the trees and garden paths framed the castle, giving it a sense of majesty and grandeur.

Overall, the author was delighted to have taken the time to explore the garden at Pernstejn castle. They were impressed with the size and beauty of the garden and appreciated the tranquil atmosphere it provided. Despite the obscured views of the castle, the author was still able to capture some beautiful photos that they will cherish for years to come.