Wildlife on higher ISO

Venturing into nature with a plan in mind, I embarked on a photography expedition armed with my trusty APS-C camera and telephoto lens. The allure of capturing wild animals in their natural habitat drew me to a serene forest park, where the only willing models happened to be the graceful deer. Although my initial uncertainty lingered about the impact of higher ISO values on picture quality, I was determined to put my gear to the test.

Butterfly sitting on syringe flower next to my terrace

In the intimate haven of my terrace, a charming spectacle unfolded as a butterfly alighted upon the delicate petals of a syringe flower. The vibrant hues of its wings, painted with nature's artistry, transformed this tiny corner into a canvas of beauty. Captivated by the ephemeral moment, I seized the opportunity to capture the butterfly in various poses, freezing its graceful dance against the backdrop of the blossoming syringe.

Holedna park

Picture this: Fallow deer observing you from a few meters away, bathed in the soft glow of sunbeams filtering through the trees. Welcome to the enchanting Holedna Park in Brno, a haven where cut tree branches and scattered trunks create a serene tableau in the heart of the forest. When the need for relaxation arises, the allure of such a tranquil setting is unparalleled.

Waiting for car service and swans in Brno - Holasky

Upon my return from a delightful vacation, I've found myself facing an unexpected issue: my car, surprisingly, held up admirably despite my careful braking. Nevertheless, I promptly arranged for its much-needed servicing. Thankfully, a convenient appointment was available for the very next day. With the service scheduled, I suddenly found myself with a little over an hour of unanticipated free time.

City wild ducks

Whenever I visit some city, I like walking by some pond or reservoir and watch water birds as they enjoy their freedom. The most common water bird here in Czech Republic is a wild duck and I really like taking pictures of this animal. Males is colorful female little bit dull but together they can play and make fun. Here are few pictures. Please watch and I also wish bone appetite.

Ducks at Tovacov pond

Tovacov pond is a picturesque and tranquil place located in the heart of nature. An integral part of it is the ducks that attract not only local residents but also visitors from the surrounding area. These charming birds not only contribute to the serenity and pleasant atmosphere of the pond but also provide a unique opportunity for photography.