Svojanov Castle

Svojanov Castle, I have heard too much about this castle, only superlatives. The journey to get to it was beautiful, however, the castle itself was a small disappointment to me. I cannot say I did not like it, but I felt as I have seen it somewhere else and now something, some parts were missing. So the photos presented are aimed more at the journey approaching the castle than itself.

Visit in Trebon

Visit in Trebon - have you ever had a sense of feeling you arrive to some place fort the first time in your life and after few moments you think have lived there for years? I experienced such a feeling when visited Trebon for the first time. I was happy to see small city with lanes, water, parks and great architecture.

Punkva Caves

The Punkva Caves (Czech: Punkevní jeskyně) are a cave system of the Czech Republic located north of the city of Brno, near the town of Blansko. The Punkva River flows through it. Part of it is the Macocha Gorge, its sinkhole is about 138.7 meters deep and also the deepest of its kind (light hole type) in Central Europe.

Radun chateau

Recently I went out for a trip and decided to visit Radun chateau. To be honest I have never heard of it, however, having seen few pictures I drove 160 km to visit it and took few pictures. Unfortunately I was not lucky that day as I forgot spare battery for camera in the power at home. Thus few following pictures were taken with dying battery and no visit of interior was made.

Klatovy's favorite places and the evangelical church

Everyone have some favorite places connected with his childhood or some life experience. Whenever I visit my native town I like to make small round to visit places I have someone connected with my past. Thus I like walking around Klatovy Black tower, Evangelical church especially its background where are great stone stairs with stone carved railing.

Marianske Lazne, Spa in the autumn

I have visited Marianske Lazne for second time this year. This time I visited this famous Spa in autumn and accommodated in different part of the city to all my previous visits.

Short visit in Prague after the dark

Sometimes it happens you arrive somewhere late and then the light is not the best one. This time I went to visit my relatives in Prague. At first I was disappointed by late arrival, but later on was happy to take pictures with tripod of some famous Prague landmarks such The Powder Tower is. There are also some people included in shots as all happened in the street.

Marian Valley

Is a large area located on the eastern outskirts of Brno, near the district Brno - Líšeň. It is a part of the Říčky valley, which stretches from the cottage settlements Lhotka up to the village Podolí.

Walk in the nature

As autumn is here I like walking in the nature, observing and taking picture. This time my walk in the nature was different. Originally I wanted to take some pictures of animals I pass by or some plants. In the end I walked on the public forest path and met too many people doing some sports. They were either running, jogging or riding bicycle.

Nature walk Hady

One day I went out to the nature, just to have some walk. However, sun was shining, nobody nowhere and I started to pleasure of the scenery, tall trees, curvy lanes, great overview on the city and finally found fleeing snail across the forest road. As I was watching the snail with interest it seemed to me he was fleeing so fast that it was really difficult to take a shot of his face.