Cachtice Castle

Cachtice Castle is a castle ruin in Slovakia in the district of Nove Mesto nad Vahom near the village of the same name in Cachtice in the Little Carpathians. One day I went for a short trip and this is the result.


I have read many suggestions to visit this town. And one day I decided to travel there to see if all those suggestions are eligible. Before travelling I found this basic. “Telc is a town in the southern Czech Republic. It’s known for its Italian Renaissance architecture including the chateau, formerly a Gothic castle, with carved wood ceilings. The Highlands Museum includes a model of the city.

Cesky Rudolec (chateau)

Cesky Rudolec chateau is called Mala Hluboka. It is situated by the road No. 409 in the south-eastern corner of Cesky Rudolec village near Dacice in Ceska Kanada Nature Park.

Old quarry

There are some quarries nearby Brno. Some of them are still active, some of them not. Abandoned quarries are great place to observe how nature spreads and takes used areas back. What I really like when visiting old abandoned quarry is a system of paths from top to bottom, creating interesting patters and structures to check in more details.

Klatovy before Christmas

Wooden nativity scene on the square, Klatovy. It is said that Klatovy has a new pride in their square, a life-size wooden nativity scene. And yes, when I came here, I went to see it. Nativity scene, it's really nice, nicely crafted, and handmade like everything with us… I took a few photos and they seemed good to me, but what about that life size? I don't know, I don't know, it's like a new-born baby, maybe the ox.

Podebrady Spa

Podebrady is a small town or a city with Spa. I have visited it some time ago. To be honest I do not remember this place very well, as it was not exceptional to me. What I remember most is I took most of the pictures during the rain. For example I took pictures of Podebrady Castle from the opposite bank. Luckily rain drops are not so visible.

Holedna park

Imagine Fallow-deer watching you fem metres from the Sunbeams passing through the trees, Cut tree branches and lying trunks in the forest. All this you can enjoy, if visiting Holedna Park in Brno. If you need to relax, where would you go to? Probably to a quiet place. If I want to relax I prefer walking in the woods, forest, and breathe fresh air trying to avoid any living humans.

Old railway station Klatovy

Old railway station Klatovy - It is such a small railway station tucked behind Kaufland, towards Luby, the town of Klatovy. It used to be very used, but today it is rather dilapidated. Every time I get here, I get such a strange nostalgia.

Cimburk Castle

Ruined castle are somehow interesting. The feeling when you pass by damaged, ruined walls, feeling of the history. One of the ruined castles visited is Cimburk. It is situated in the forest. Walk to its premises takes some time and effort. As soon as you enter the gate there are displayed ruins. At the moment being rebuilt.

Boskovice castle in winter

Boskovice castle in winter, it is called castle but in reality is almost a ruin. Better say it is a ruin of old Castle. Next to this ruin is also a Chateau, however at the time of my visit it was closed so I took steep journey up to the castle and enjoyed beautiful view into the valley and forest. As the Boskovice castle was closed as well I just took few pictures of the walls, towers and near surrounding.