Bor castle in the mist and ducks

I have visited this place during my latest holiday spent in Marianske Lazne SPA. Bor is a castle in the town of the same name in the Tachov district. And the day I visited it was extremely misty from the early morning until the late afternoon. I have started visit of the castle from the nearby park with a pond. When approaching to the castle inhabitants of this pond came out from the nearby bushes and started to shout at me.

Cesky Sternberk – castle

Not saying anything about this short photo set. I had few days off from work so I decided to visit place never been to.  It was a dull chilly day so I took few pictures from the bridge and went for a cup of coffee and cake to the nearby restaurant.

Nymburk – stone bridge

It was just a quick decision to drive to Nymburk. The previous night I have read something about numerous bridges in this city and in the next morning I had strange indefinite feeling.

Pernstej castle, view from the garden

I have visited Pernstejn castle many times, but I never visited its garden. To be honest, I'm not sure why. Maybe the entrance to this garden is a little bit hidden and away from the main tourist routes. This time, however, the reason for my visit was to see this garden. After paying a small entrance fee, I was asked to go to the third square and then go down the stairs. I could have chosen to enter the garden on both sides, left and right.

Three castles in western Bohemia

When travelling through Western Bohemia I visited several castles. However, only three I liked so much I decided to take few pictures. These three castles are Ostrov Château, Seeberg Castle and Kynzvart Castle.

Marianske Lazne – street photo

This year for the first time I have visited Marianske Lazne again and maybe one more visit will follow. The following pictures were taken when wandering on the streets of this small spa town. Most of the sights were presented in the previous photo galleries. This time I have aimed at street photo, trying to catch people walking through the park when returning home from work.

Cachtice Castle

Cachtice Castle is a castle ruin in Slovakia in the district of Nove Mesto nad Vahom near the village of the same name in Cachtice in the Little Carpathians. One day I went for a short trip and this is the result.


I have read many suggestions to visit this town. And one day I decided to travel there to see if all those suggestions are eligible. Before travelling I found this basic. “Telc is a town in the southern Czech Republic. It’s known for its Italian Renaissance architecture including the chateau, formerly a Gothic castle, with carved wood ceilings. The Highlands Museum includes a model of the city.

Cesky Rudolec (chateau)

Cesky Rudolec chateau is called Mala Hluboka. It is situated by the road No. 409 in the south-eastern corner of Cesky Rudolec village near Dacice in Ceska Kanada Nature Park.

Old quarry

There are some quarries nearby Brno. Some of them are still active, some of them not. Abandoned quarries are great place to observe how nature spreads and takes used areas back. What I really like when visiting old abandoned quarry is a system of paths from top to bottom, creating interesting patters and structures to check in more details.