Hady, cones on the street

Walking in the nature can sometimes be comfortable if the nature is close to the street. I found places where you can comfortably walk and adore beauty around. Normally I am not so lazy but why to go too far if the same objects can be found pretty near and take the same shot as if wandering half day into some wilderness. This time I aimed at cones hanging down close to the way I stood on.

Crane working behind the office centre

Crane working behind the office centre. There was very high metal crane working behind the office centre. Lifting up some material. And I admired the rush and movement in the place, watching builders in an action. Basically, I like wok. I can sit and watch it or hours.

Cone in the dark

As soon as the dark night appears and rain stops, small cone on the tree looks really interesting. Lovely view of dry cones on the tree branch. Shot taken from the side aiming only on the few cones rest should stay blurred.

Crane over the block of flats

Some building company uses high crane to maintain and build factory. From the distance, it seems as the crane was the dominant of the valley spreading above the houses and block of flats.

Old rails from the platform

Standing on the empty platform, waiting for the train I saw a pair of very old rails, made of wood and iron. Such a material is not used very often these days so I must have taken some pictures.

Tree trunk

The tree trunk lying in the city park is an excellent object to take photos as well as the wooden bridge standing nearby.

Searching motives

It happens from time to time, that photographer loses motivation in creativity and has no idea what or who to shoot. Sometimes, just going out for hunting is a good method, in my opinion, to train creativity and find some motives that can be processed later on. Nature offers a number of motives, but going too far is not sometimes efficient.