Mobility transmitter in the field

Few years ago there was not nothing like mobile phone or mobility transmitters. When I was young there used to be only TV and radio transmitters usually protected by high fence and some guards. Nowadays, as the technology develops transmitters, those for mobile phones can be observed almost everywhere. These are much smaller and much more to get closer. There are few transmitters in the area I live.

Half Moon

I don't know why but this ball on the dark sky always forces me to take the camera out of the bag and do something... I mean to take some picture, this time half of that ball.

Full moon - hand held

I got up this morning and went to work from home. Since I get up quite late, I managed to catch a full moon over the house. What now? There is no time for a tripod, I have to be online in 10 minutes. So I take a camera and just try something out of my hand. Normally I would say that what I'm doing is a pigsty, but the result on the values for APS-C, 300 mm, ISO 100, f / 9.0, 1/640 sec, are not so bad.

Around the lake

Walking around the lake, called Prygl, can be relaxing if there are no people nearby. From time to time I am lucky enough experience such a walk. This time I was relaxing and watching nature, leaves, trees, and nearby water.

Book on a wooden table

When I was young my mother loved painting, especially still life. At that time I did not understand why still life, not portraits etc. Now as an adult interested in photography, gradually I am finding out advantages of still life. I do not paint as a painter. However I use light.

Windows 3.0 / Tiled wooden window on an old building

Passing an old house I could not resist to take the picture of this window. Originally I took only three pictures so this gallery could have been called Windows 3.0, later on I took the fourth and the last one. Yes, I know, not all the photos should have been published, but why not. I have plenty of disc space and photo gallery can be renamed to Windows 3.01... Just kidding...

Moon over the trees

I like watching moon on the clear sky. This time I was watching it from my terrace, however, there were crescent shines on the cloudy sky with some visible glare around. Even though there were not ideal visible conditions I took some pictures with trees in the foreground.

Frozen tree branches

Frozen tree branches covered by ice. At the beginning of any winter there can be seen trees, grass covered by ice. Reason for this are enormous temperature changes between the night air and morning cold icy air. As a result if there are enormous temperature changes, beautiful patterns and ornaments can be seen. One day before I could use my car I had to clean it from ice and saw the same on the trees.