Cornfield after the harvest

Late summer means harvest. As soon as fields are harvested, there remain large spaces full of lines, patters, colours. So why not to stop by and take few pictures of it in contrast with the sky and or clouds.

Oilseed rape landscape

Clouds over the field of oilseed rape - there are many different fields out there. I found this one full of oilseed rape. It is mainly industrial plant but looks great as a subject to take pictures. There was yellow colour as long as wide, simply beauty everywhere.

Old photos of Prygl – Brno reservoir

Old photos of Prygl – Brno reservoir I have found the following photos of Prygl or Brno reservoir accidentally, when working on my archives. Even though these photos are very old, I can see the place has not changed too much. There are still cruising small ships, there are pine trees, and if not too hot, clouds complete the scenery. Some tree were cut down, however, maple tree are still there. Will need to return to these places again.

Landscapes near Strelice

Landscapes near Strelice - wide and large fields with lanes and hills in the background or hunting prospect in the bussh, just a few reasons I went out to Strelice, small village near Brno and took some pictures. There I was enjoyed by overview of hills with foreground grass and forest lanes, wooden bars or water reservoir in the distance. Downhill of the forest also visible in the background. Heavy clouds add the drama to the early morning picture.

Landscape with telephoto lens

Landscape with telephoto lens - Once I have heard that taking landscape pictures is easier with telephoto lens. Until now I have preferred wide angle lenses until now. This time I made a quick comparison when passing by some fields and lanes. First 6 pictures are taken with wide angle and the remaining are taken with telephoto lenses. To my surprise result are great, however, I think I will not swap from telephoto from wide angle lenses.

An old quarry in autumn

An old quarry in autumn - There is an old quarry above Brno with a transmitter, called Hady. Quarry itself cancelled its extraction long time ago, however, overview on the city is great. There can be watched some parts of it greatly. Apart from this city view there are many interesting object to see and if great light is available results can be interesting.

Spilberk Castle and Petrov at night

One late evening I went out to Spilberk castle and was amazed by numerous shadows, corners and shapes. One of the most interesting views was on the stony path with tree alley above to the castle gate at night alighted by lanterns. Even though I have used tripod I was not able to take sharp pictures of people passing by. They are little bit blurry. At least movement is emphasized. Turning backwards I have discovered another nice view.

Morning field and sky

Morning field and sky is again one of the few older shots made almost five years ago and never being published. The first picture of this collection ‘Morning field and sky’ is a field behind my house was taken at the dawn, when the Sun was going up from behind the hill. The other pictures are also taken the field, however, not so early in the morning trying to view the lines in the each picture, either high voltage electric wires or lanes for cyclists.