Moravian Tuscany

Moravian Tuscany trees and field waves in the late summer. This is just a first attempt to take pictures in Moravian Tuscany. Time was not ideal, lack of light but I was satisfied for the first time.

Three castles in western Bohemia

When travelling through Western Bohemia I visited several castles. However, only three I liked so much I decided to take few pictures. These three castles are Ostrov Château, Seeberg Castle and Kynzvart Castle.

Vineyards Velke Pavlovice in the end of the winter

This weekend I travelled to Velke Pavlovice and walked in the alleys and paths of the vineyards. The air was fresh with a smell of natural fertilizer, little bit cold and as the Sun has been arising great waves and shadows appeared clearly visible on the vineyards and fields.

Loket Castle and cloudy sky

Having spent some time in Marianske Lazne I was driving in the near and far around. One day I decided to visit Loket castle. In the end this was a great journey as I did not drive there the shortest way and chosen way via the fields, villages. Looking back the journey itself was better than visit of the Loket castle itself. I enjoyed cattle by the road, especially staring cows and clouds gathering on the sky.

Snowy road with trees

Imagine returning home from somewhere in the land of nowhere. All around is just roads or lanes with alley of tree. Nothing to add.

Landscape with a tree

I love going out to the nature and to places I have never been before. This time I was looking for some ruined castle but did not find anything to take pictures of.

Trip in Austria on the River Danube

Trip in Austria on the River Danube. One day I have bought short boat trip on the River Danube in Austria. To my mind organisation was little bit chaotic as we get off the bus, get on the boat and vice versa for several times. However to sum up. We have sailed few kilometres having watched vineyards, fields along the river. We have seen few old castles built on the top of the hills, saw interesting churches, camps etc.

Landscapes with long lens

Landscapes with long lens, sometimes, somewhere I have read or watched, that taking pictures of landscapes with a long lens is easier than taking pictures of landscapes with wide angle lens.

Short wander in Lisen

Short wander in Lisen, departing tram - while escorting my friends on the way home guiding them to the tram one cold afternoon in Brno Lisen, I took these photos on my way back. Quite interesting aren’t they.


Spilberk and Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

Spilberk and Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. If there is beautiful weather I like going out for a walk even to the well-known places I see almost every day. This time I visited Spilberk castle again and decided to walk down from the Castle towards the Cathedral. I walked down the alley most people use and stopped at few points to take pictures.