Hradec nad Moravici, Red and White chateau

By visiting this castle or chateau was one of my most favourite weekend activities.  Long walking, taking pictures great meal at the local restaurant. Even though it was snowing I enjoyed it much. First of all I took round trip around the complex of those castles and then I went inside and observed in more details. Unfortunately both were closed for visit.

Bukovany wind mill and orchard with field

What to do in quarantine? Just go somewhere outside of civilization. Today it was the direction of Bukovany and wind mill that can be seen there. Unfortunately that day I was not the only one who wanted to see interesting piece of architecture, so I just took few landscape picture and moved few kilometre away to take a few more pictures of landscapes.

Windmill in Kuzelov

 I like technology and technical monuments. One of the few publicly available is located in Kuželov. It is a Dutch windmill built in 1842. Personally, I took a nice walk to this mill, as the driveway is being repaired and the prohibition sign says clearly, unfortunately this was not the case for many.

Marianske Lazne, Spa

A few weeks ago, I finally chose a vacation and could go to relax a bit. This time the choice fell on Mariánské Lázně and Park Hotel Golf. Although the weather did not indicate any extra outdoor activities and nature walks, I did not mind how much the ordered procedures and the possibilities of the hotel offered a sufficient number of activities and distractions.

Klatovy walk through the city

A short visit to the royal town of Klatovy and a walk through the summer "dug-out" town. But even so, the peeling old buildings have their charm and at least the fountain in the square was in operation. The rest maybe next time.

Mikulov Castle

Mikulov is a town on the way to Austria. And anybody travelling from Brno to Vienna have to pass it. City is not very big, but it is famous for its wine, brothels and a castle. The Mikulov castle cannot be overlooked and many people passing through this town come and visit it.
One day I did the same, parked the car in the centre and went up a small hill to visit the castle. As a building it is nothing exceptional, however garden is beautiful similarly as views from around the castle.

Rosa Coeli Convent interiors

The ruins of the Premonstratensian monastery Rosa Coeli (from the Latin Rose of Heaven) are located on the eastern edge of the town of Dolní Kounice in the Brno-venkov district. Its grounds with the ruins of a monastery church and a Baroque residence are protected as a cultural monument.

Moravian Krumlov Castle garden and trees

Moravian Krumlov is a town in the Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. To be honest I knew about it due to famous Alfons Mucha and the Slavonic Epic - Boundless Humanity masterpiece, before it was moved to Prague. One day, it was hot summer, I think I visited Moravian Krumlov for the first time. Unfortunately, that day all was closed I could have visited only limited parts of premises.

Veveri Castle details

Veveri castle is a pleasant piece of architecture for a human eye. Whenever I go there I like to scenery, landscape and all how it is organized. However, if I go closer there can be found interesting details structures and views normally unseen.

Cathedral of St Peter and Paul Brno

I am passing by this city dominant almost daily, however, only recently I found the right angle to take a photo of its full beauty without tram wires, except the road signs and other distractions. Apart from these great shots I was passing by again at night and took few more pictures. Thus comparison among different light levels can be done.