Masterpieces - Sarah Daniels, review


  1. Jennifer, Ron, Yvonne, Trevor, Clive and Rowena meet in a restaurant and talk about how the society has changed in the perception of sex. Jennifer likes sexual jokes the other women not (she pretends).
  2. Rowena is charged for the murder of Charles William, but the case was adjourned until her attorney is present.
  3. Yvonne tries to solve the problem of Irena Wade, mother, whose son raped a girl, she persuades her it’s not her fault.
  4. Rowena tries to help her client Hilary, with a son, to find a job
  5. Rowena is dissatisfied with her sexual life and asks Trevor for nasty magazine and also Ron is dissatisfied with Yvonne’s disgust towards sex.
  6. Rowena visits a psychiatrist and finds out that looking at pornography made her prudish, she admitted killing a man but didn’t admit her dissatisfaction with her sexual life.
  7. Ron employs Hilary and flirts with her, makes offers to lift her home.
  8. Also, Jennifer changes her outlook on pornography and refuses to watch such videos. (sex generally)
  9. Rowena is angry with Ron who raped her client, Hilary, Yvonne then wants to leave Ron because he had many affairs with women
  10. Hilary is angry with Rowena, she tells her she was sexually abused in work
  11. Rowena on the court explain her action why she shoved the man on the track – she was influenced by pornographic film and upset by laws of that country
  12. Rowena reveals what was on the film – real sex following by real murder and the policewoman only agrees with her and adds that they do everything to convince such people.

Conflict: The way men are thought to look at women. Rowena is upset by laws that allow producing pornographic films combined with sadistic scenes. When she returns home, she in horror shoves a man and is judged for murder. Resolution is open. Society knows about the problem, but there is not satisfactory evidence against it.

Point of attack – Scene 12, Rowena discovered that her friend to whom she trusted raped one of her clients, Hilary because he employed her.


Jennifer – Clive’s wife – she is sexually free or pretends it but later she is bored with her role of mistress in every place of the house and position, she dreams of something romantic.

Clive – a man who made fortune in the sex industry, likes sex, sexual toys and thinks his wife must like it too.

Yvonne – teacher, she is depressed by her students, boys, who show her magazines of naked woman, she apologizes to Rowena that headmaster attacks her for sequestration of such expensive magazines. She is cold to sexual impulses of her husband Ron.

Ron – businessman, who expects her wife to have a fancy for sex similarly as he. Since his needs are excessive he has an affair with other women.

Rowena – social worker, upset with her sexual life requires Trevor to bring some nasty magazines but she is fed up with outlook of men upon women

Trevor – typical man’s behaviour

Thought - ”The way men are thought to look at women” – Yvonne, but there is also discussed problem of changing society and its perception of sexual freedom, that brings another problem connected with relation of men and women – rapes (Irena Wade) either in normal life or on the working place (Hilary) as an exchange for something.

Diction: language is neutral but sometimes, vile words are used. It sounds very realistic

Music: background real noises,

Spectacle: dresses, women – to rise sexual attraction, men neutral, jeans, T-shirt or according to the scene, suit – Ron

The play describes displeasure with social role, which women play in modern society for men as objects of sexual desire. Rowena, Yvonne and Jennifer present women who have understood their position as sexual machines for their husbands and tried to change it but meet only misunderstanding (Scene seventeen Yvonne is lead out of courtroom).