Rosa Coeli Convent interiors

The ruins of the Premonstratensian monastery Rosa Coeli (from the Latin Rose of Heaven) are located on the eastern edge of the town of Dolní Kounice in the Brno-venkov district. Its grounds with the ruins of a monastery church and a Baroque residence are protected as a cultural monument.

To be honest I had no idea such a ruined convent or monastery exists.

Regarding some discovered history I found out that it was probably burned down during the Hussite wars, the year 1423 is mentioned, which, however, cannot be precisely documented. Over the next century, the economic situation of the monastery stabilized and at the beginning of the 16th century, the provost of Kounice was one of the most important Moravian prelates. In the following years, however, the Kounice convent went into crisis.

Few pictures taken of its grounds are after the reconstruction in 2012.  Photos or any written description cannot mediate feelings of that place. Need to go there and visit it.