Bor castle in the mist and ducks

I have visited this place during my latest holiday spent in Marianske Lazne SPA. Bor is a castle in the town of the same name in the Tachov district. And the day I visited it was extremely misty from the early morning until the late afternoon. I have started visit of the castle from the nearby park with a pond. When approaching to the castle inhabitants of this pond came out from the nearby bushes and started to shout at me. There were many ducks hidden all around the banks.

This castle is really marvellous and one old lady asked me not to take pictures of unreconstructed parts. She told me, the town is still being in the process of reconstruction.

Pictures of not reconstructed parts as well as the tower which has already been finished can be seen. To my mind it looks great, may be due to a heavy mist.