Hradec nad Moravici, Red and White chateau

By visiting this castle or chateau was one of my most favourite weekend activities.  Long walking, taking pictures great meal at the local restaurant. Even though it was snowing I enjoyed it much. First of all I took round trip around the complex of those castles and then I went inside and observed in more details. Unfortunately both were closed for visit.

Mikulov Castle

Mikulov is a town on the way to Austria. And anybody travelling from Brno to Vienna have to pass it. City is not very big, but it is famous for its wine, brothels and a castle. The Mikulov castle cannot be overlooked and many people passing through this town come and visit it.
One day I did the same, parked the car in the centre and went up a small hill to visit the castle. As a building it is nothing exceptional, however garden is beautiful similarly as views from around the castle.

Cimburk Castle

Ruined castle are somehow interesting. The feeling when you pass by damaged, ruined walls, feeling of the history. One of the ruined castles visited is Cimburk. It is situated in the forest. Walk to its premises takes some time and effort. As soon as you enter the gate there are displayed ruins. At the moment being rebuilt.

Bitov Castle

From time to time I go for a shorter or longer trip. In this case I decided to travel bit further to explore Bitov Castle. Unfortunately, after two hour journey and walking through the forest I took some pictures of Bitov castle. To be hones the most beautiful on this trip was the nature surrounding it. Just a few pictures can prove my option.

Boskovice castle in winter

Boskovice castle in winter, it is called castle but in reality is almost a ruin. Better say it is a ruin of old Castle. Next to this ruin is also a Chateau, however at the time of my visit it was closed so I took steep journey up to the castle and enjoyed beautiful view into the valley and forest. As the Boskovice castle was closed as well I just took few pictures of the walls, towers and near surrounding.

Svojanov Castle

Svojanov Castle, I have heard too much about this castle, only superlatives. The journey to get to it was beautiful, however, the castle itself was a small disappointment to me. I cannot say I did not like it, but I felt as I have seen it somewhere else and now something, some parts were missing. So the photos presented are aimed more at the journey approaching the castle than itself.

Moravian Krumlov Castle garden and trees

Moravian Krumlov is a town in the Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. To be honest I knew about it due to famous Alfons Mucha and the Slavonic Epic - Boundless Humanity masterpiece, before it was moved to Prague. One day, it was hot summer, I think I visited Moravian Krumlov for the first time. Unfortunately, that day all was closed I could have visited only limited parts of premises.

Visit in Trebon

Visit in Trebon - have you ever had a sense of feeling you arrive to some place fort the first time in your life and after few moments you think have lived there for years? I experienced such a feeling when visited Trebon for the first time. I was happy to see small city with lanes, water, parks and great architecture.

Veveri Castle details

Veveri castle is a pleasant piece of architecture for a human eye. Whenever I go there I like to scenery, landscape and all how it is organized. However, if I go closer there can be found interesting details structures and views normally unseen.

Radun chateau

Recently I went out for a trip and decided to visit Radun chateau. To be honest I have never heard of it, however, having seen few pictures I drove 160 km to visit it and took few pictures. Unfortunately I was not lucky that day as I forgot spare battery for camera in the power at home. Thus few following pictures were taken with dying battery and no visit of interior was made.