Birds by the pond

Taking a shot of a bird in the flight is not so easy.  First you need some camera with somehow reliable tracing system or at least be fast and have long lens. Apart from this you also need a flying bird. Flying bird should, however, be flying pretty close and no too much fast. Trying to catch flying in the distance is possible but some details can be lost.

Visit in Trebon

Visit in Trebon - have you ever had a sense of feeling you arrive to some place fort the first time in your life and after few moments you think have lived there for years? I experienced such a feeling when visited Trebon for the first time. I was happy to see small city with lanes, water, parks and great architecture.

Swan and ducks on the pond

Swan and ducks on the pond – one day in summer I have spent few minutes by the pond in the middle of block of flats. There was some swan and a pair of ducks, male and female. To my surprise male duck wanted to present himself and protect his partner. To some point it was fun but also inspiring.