Birds by the pond

Taking a shot of a bird in the flight is not so easy.  First you need some camera with somehow reliable tracing system or at least be fast and have long lens. Apart from this you also need a flying bird. Flying bird should, however, be flying pretty close and no too much fast. Trying to catch flying in the distance is possible but some details can be lost.

Bird sitting on a fence

Do you sometimes have strange feeling as if someone is watching you?  It happens to me when I stay at home and am moving near the windows or balcony door. One day I finally found out why I have so strange feeling. I have discovered a bird likes to sit on my wooden fence, and is watching anything that moves around. I suspected him on spying on me, however, bird cannot think and he is probably looking for something to eat.

Birds in the housing estate

Everyone can see some birds outside on the daily bases. Sometimes I am curious what do the birds do whole day. Find out I took camera and went out to the nearby housing estate. There are many trees and small lands of grass. It did not take too much time to glance first bird and another and another. To my surprise all the birds if not flying are either jumping or walking or digging in the earth.