Old quarry

There are some quarries nearby Brno. Some of them are still active, some of them not. Abandoned quarries are great place to observe how nature spreads and takes used areas back. What I really like when visiting old abandoned quarry is a system of paths from top to bottom, creating interesting patters and structures to check in more details.

An old quarry in autumn

An old quarry in autumn - There is an old quarry above Brno with a transmitter, called Hady. Quarry itself cancelled its extraction long time ago, however, overview on the city is great. There can be watched some parts of it greatly. Apart from this city view there are many interesting object to see and if great light is available results can be interesting.

Old Quarry Hady in winter

The old quarry above the city called Hady is a great opportunity to photograph various scenes during all seasons. This time I have visited this place in winter to see all the human trucks printed in snow, enjoy great overview of the city and observe trees in detail. I took pictures of twig in detail with a quarry covered by snow and white birch standing on a small hill from different angles.