“All man desire to know.” is an immortal quotation of the famous philosopher on the question of knowledge. Not to be so serious about the knowledge and people at all, I dare to say, according my limited understanding that “all people are curious by nature”. That means they want to know, however the desire after a deep knowledge is very limited. invites you to Watch and Relax. To define “Beauty” in its core meaning of the word, to find some universal definition was a great aesthetical and philosophical question of the history. However, to disregard all the elaborate definitions, nobody, no single human being able to perceive the surrounding world would not deny that observing something to look at, not only pictures can reveal the tension and stress.

Furthermore if you are watching some nice object or objects with a specific kind of interest it can help you to develop imagination. Briefly writing watching at something beautiful notwithstanding the definition of “beauty” itself has many advantages for the inners self of the human being. is a tiny project where are collected memories of all that is beautiful in the form of photography from personal, subjective point of view.

The author admits that photo galleries and photos published there are not professional; however, they embody a form of beauty in the specific moment as it was possible to perceive and feel. If someone else would see on those pictures something inspiring and will maybe like them for themselves it will be a satisfaction to me.