Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

Genre: short story, novella – ghost story

Subject matter: money, greed, obstinacy, the poor, the rich, help, revival, Christmas

Theme: people will never be happy if they think only of themselves, there is also need for charity, love and human understanding

Setting: London Scrooge’s flat, village in which he was bred, school, his nephew house, Bob Crathit’s house, cemetery, etc.

Point of view: 1st person – story teller – in the extract the person changes from 1st to 3rd

Style: diction – neutral

Tone: changes from sadness beginning (extract) to happiness (end of the story)

Characters: Ebenezer Scrooge – external heat and cold had little influence on him – he was completely insensitive to his surrounding. His only business was money and how not to loose it. Nobody liked him and nobody talked to him.

Marley’s ghost, Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Fred – Scrooge’s nephew, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Mr and Mrs, Fezziwig


1) Jacob Marley is death. 2) Seven years later, before Christmas, Scrooge’s nephew Fred comes to wish him merry Christmas and invites him for dinner, Scrooge is obstinate and angry and sends him away similarly as gentlemen from union houses. 3) Ghost of Marley appears and warns him that he has a chance to escape his (Marley’s fate) and tells him that three spirits will visit him. 4) At one o’clock appears the first spirit, The Ghost of Christmas Past, all in white, taking him to places where he was bred as a boy, showing him school, Master Scrooge, reminds him his nephew, family of Fezziwig’s and the meaning of Christmas for him. 5) Now Scrooge starts to change and wishes he had given something to that boy singing Christmas Carol before his doors. 6) Next came The Ghost of Christmas Present showing him the streets, shops and flat of Bob Cratchit, who were happy with small pudding and ill child, then he visits his nephew and was part of games and felt happy. 7) Last phantom was the worst, he showed him the future. Scrooge found himself in cemetery – his name written on the tombstone and found out that Tiny Tim was death. 8) Ghost told him that it is only possible future. 9) When he woke up it is Christmas Day, he started changing things, bought the biggest turkey for Bob Crathit’s family and went to visit his nephew. 10) Scrooge become new human, all the spirits now dwelled in him.


Sentimental/aware of social issues of his time: Everybody had something to say, but nobody said or thought it was at all a small pudding for a large family

Melodramatic: I wear the chain I forgot in life – reason why ghost of Marley came back in the past was bad now knows it, wants Scrooge to be good.