Book Reviews

G.B. Shaw - Pygmalion, review

Genre: comedy of ideas, social drama, problem play

Subject matter: education, language, social / personal development, self-confidence / realisation

Song of Myself – Walt Whitman, review

Meaning: The speaker expresses his own, subjective (“I”), opinion on life its begetting, evolution and being with its dynamic principle that he names “urge” while searching his own identity as a human (male, part 5). Concurrently, he applies the same evolution to the world and especially the country he is living in, which could be identified as America, and it's material and moral values.

Ophelia - Bryony Lavery, review

Ophelia is a comedy or a parody on a tragedy in which the main character had an incestuous relationship with her own brother and aches for revenge similarly as her own mother who tries and finally drowns her because she cannot bear the shame of her son. There is also included “play in the play” effect that creates quite a tragicomic situation in the end and supports the reader to think about results of forbidden sex relation from “another point of view” of Ophelia alone, its consequences for the child etc.

Look back in anger – John Osborne, review

Look back in anger is a play about disillusion from real life, either marriage or high expectations from society. It is a play about a married couple that is tired from living in the world together, which “had and had not” changed so much.