Vineyards Velke Pavlovice in the end of the winter

This weekend I travelled to Velke Pavlovice and walked in the alleys and paths of the vineyards. The air was fresh with a smell of natural fertilizer, little bit cold and as the Sun has been arising great waves and shadows appeared clearly visible on the vineyards and fields.

It was also possible to see into far distance observing the church of the next village. So I took, few pictures trying to compose scene I liked most and went away.

To my information, this place, Velke Ppavlovice is not part of so called Moravian Tuscany, however, it is pretty close as Sardice are only few minutes from there. To be hones I liked I liked it there and next time I will try to take pictures in the area known as Moravian Tuscany. This time I was close and satisfied. The pictures are to my mind great.