Sparrows in my garden

Sparrows in my garden

Ducks at Tovacov pond

Ducks at Tovacov pond

Gazing horses and sleeping ducks

Gazing horses and sleeping…

Birds fishing in the pond near Dubnany

Birds fishing in the pond n…

Bor castle in the mist and ducks

Bor castle in the mist and…

Nove Hrady castle

Nove Hrady castle

Cesky Sternberk – castle

Cesky Sternberk – castle…

Moravian Tuscany trees and field waves in the late summer

Moravian Tuscany trees and…

Nymburk – stone bridge

Nymburk – stone bridge

Pernstej castle, view from the garden

Pernstej castle, view from…

Three castles in western Bohemia

Three castles in western Bo…

Marianske Lazne – street photo

Marianske Lazne – street ph…

Cachtice Castle

Cachtice Castle

Street photography Brno

Street photography Brno

Street photo, people in action

Street photo, people in act…

Hradec nad Moravici, Red and White chateau

Hradec nad Moravici, Red an…

Vineyards Velke Pavlovice in the end of the winter

Vineyards Velke Pavlovice i…

Horses grazing on pasture

Horses grazing on pasture…

Loket castle and cloudy sky

Loket castle and cloudy sky…



Welcome to the portfolio page of WonderfulSnaps.com, where you can explore a diverse range of photography work. Our passion for photography is reflected in every photograph we capture. Our goal is to showcase the beauty and complexity of the world through our lens.

Our portfolio includes various genres and styles, from landscape and portrait to street and abstract photography. Each photograph tells a unique story and captures a different perspective of the world around us. We believe that photography is a powerful medium that can evoke emotions and connect people from all walks of life.

Our landscape photography showcases the majesty and wonder of nature. From the serene lakes to the majestic mountains, we aim to capture the beauty of the natural world and inspire a deeper appreciation for the environment.

Our portrait photography aims to capture the individuality and personality of our subjects. Whether it is a candid shot or a carefully composed portrait, each photograph tells a unique story and reveals the essence of the subject.

Our street photography captures the moments of everyday life, from bustling city streets to quiet suburban neighbourhoods. We aim to showcase the beauty of the mundane and capture the unique stories that exist all around us.

Lastly, our abstract photography pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and explores the world in a new light. We aim to showcase the beauty and complexity of the world through unique compositions and thought-provoking imagery.

Thank you for visiting our portfolio page. We hope our photographs inspire you to see the world in a new light and appreciate the beauty and complexity that surrounds us. If you are interested in purchasing any of our prints or collaborating on a project, please do not hesitate to contact us.