Tree trunk by the lake

Tree trunk by the lake and a tree trunk cowered by snow by the lake are photos taken during two the weekends on the Brno reservoir. The very first one can be called test picture as it was taken without tripod and no filter. The next ones were stabilised and taken by gradient ND filter and ND filter. I like all versions, but the best seems to be black and white.

Moravský Krumlov Castle garden and trees

Moravský Krumlov is a town in the Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. To be honest I knew about it due to famous Alfons Mucha and the Slavonic Epic - Boundless Humanity masterpiece, before it was moved to Prague. One day, it was hot summer, I think I visited Moravský Krumlov for the first time. Unfortunately, that day all was closed I could have visited only limited parts of premises.

Klenova Castle and Manor house

Klenová Castle and Chateau with nearby Manor House is located on a hill of the same name west of the town of Klatovy, in the Pilsen Region.  The first mention of the castle dates from 1287; at that time the castle guarded the trade route from Železná Ruda to Bavaria. The Lords of Klenová come from the castle. The palace was built in the 14th and 15th centuries, however since 17th century it is dilapidated.

Castle Ruins, Sirotci hradek, Klentice

Two weeks ago I was given a knee brace so I could walk normally not as a Quasimodo. If you are sitting whole day long by the desk, how to train knees, walking etc. Great idea was to travel outside of Brno and go walking. One of the great targets in the South Moravian region are Castle Ruins, Sirotci hradek in Klentice.

Slavkov Castle, Austerlitz

Is a Baroque palace in Slavkov u Brna, in the Czech Republic. The small town and the castle are chiefly known for the Battle of Austerlitz. I tis nice to place pictures as there are huge gardens all around. Whenever I go there, I like the lagoon with castle reflection, gardens and architecture with ditches and statues.

Veveri Castle

Is an originally ducal and royal castle some 12 kilometres northwest of Brno city centre. To be honest this is one of the nearest castles to visit from Brno as also public transport passes by.  I do not want to write about the history but it is necessary to point out that the castle is or was rebuilt, I mean reconstructed after it was destructively used by the socialistic - communist regime.

Castle - Velhartice

Is the stone castle in the surroundings of Klatovy or in a broader sense of Zelezna Ruda. The castle was built at the beginning of 14th century and is situated over the village of Velhartice. If anyone comes to see it there are several interesting dominants belonging to the castle. Also, the journey is interesting as well as the valley where the same-named village is situated.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

I do really like night view of this cathedral. To take such a photo you need an appropriate angle, no tram wires, no cars, etc.  Everyone tries to take a picture from the front, however, it can be either difficult or almost impossible. If I pass the cathedral and continue to the Spielberg Castle there are better opportunities to take better pictures, of course, rearview. In the end, they are attractive to me as well.

Trip to Prague – Vysehrad

From time to time it is good idea to visit the Capital as there are many opportunities to take pictures. When I was invited to Prague by a friend of mine I was glad to arrive. She wanted to talk about something and show me some favourite places of hers. Prague is pretty huge and even though I lived more than five years in here I was surprised where we would go.  Finally, she took me to see Vyšehrad, cemetery and many other places near around.

Water Castle Svihov

Is a famous ‘floating’ stone castle situated in the town of the same name near Klatovy. The castle is surrounded by water and look like floating on it. The castle consists of two residential palaces, five-level entrance tower and a chapel built on top of the bastion. There were two water moats around the castle.