My very first photos

There was a little bit time left so I was playing with my archives and found very first photos taken by DSLR, not traditional film or compact camera.

Male duck swimming

Anytime I go out walking along some lake to watch and feed ducks and see some of them cheeky as this on in the pictures I often recollect old cartoons with Duffy duck. To duck or not to duck, for example.

Wildlife on higher ISO

I like going out to nature and I plan some destinations where to go to and take photo of wild animals. As I was not sure how the higher ISO values will affect picture quality in reality I took my APS-C camera, telephoto lens and went to the forest park to shoot. No one except deer were able to stand as models, generally it does not matter. Results are here. Not so bad for ISO 1600.

City wild ducks

Whenever I visit some city, I like walking by some pond or reservoir and watch water birds as they enjoy their freedom. The most common waterbird here in the Czech Republic is a wild duck and I really like taking pictures of this animal. Males are a colorful female a little bit dull but together they can play and make fun. Here are a few pictures.