FujiFilm x-h2 first pictures

Just in the end of last year my favourite Pentax K3-iii has broken up. It was working with live view but not OVF. At first I was told the service can take up to three weeks. Unfortunately there was and still is something wrong with the mirror mechanism and service has sent the camera to Berlin to get it fixed.

So the question was what to do in the absence of my Pentax.

Finally I have decided to buy mirrorless. I did not want full frame so has bought FujiFilm x-h2 and basic lens 16-55 2.8. For one week I was just playing with it at home and then decided to take it out.

Here are two samples, one from Bzenec Castle and one watching beautiful sky above the tram corridor. What I can say I have found replacement and I am going to enjoy it.